Buyers Guide

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to purchase a new home. 

This is a very exciting time for you and I look forward to guiding you smoothly through the process, helping you to efficiently find the home of your dreams.

How I help you find the right home
I listen… I listen to you so that I can be completely responsive to your needs.

I guarantee my service, I let you know exactly what you can expect and back this up in writing.

I know what matters most.  Communication, affordability and Convenience.  I’ll work hard to simplify the home buying process for you.

As you will see, there are several steps you need to take before you move into your new home.  I hope this guide will help to inform you of your rights as a homebuyer and to introduce you to the world of real estate. Questions? Call me anytime 425.260.5881

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